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Skin Perfect Medical Spa

The best way to make your loved one feel special is to gift them a skincare treatment from a med spa. While typical day spas provide massages, mud wraps, facials that only target the outer layer of skin, manicures and pedicures, medical spas offer a wide range of services to improve the health and appearance of your skin. エイジングケア化粧品 おすすめ

One of the top anti-aging med spas in California, Skin Perfect Medical Aesthetics offers a full range of beauty and wellness treatments for women. They specialize in laser hair removal, body sculpting and medical weight loss programs to help their patrons feel confident and refreshed. The medspa also offers skin enhancement treatments, including Coolsculpting, dermal fillers and liposuction to help their clients look younger and more beautiful.

At Skin Perfect, the team puts the needs of their clients first. They believe that the image they present to the world has a huge impact on their daily lives. They offer a holistic approach to cosmetic care that includes beauty education, inspiration and self-acceptance combined with a personalized treatment plan and customized products.

The team at Skin Perfect is highly skilled and certified to perform a number of popular injectables, including Botox, Dysport and Xeomin. In addition, they offer a variety of skin tightening and lifting treatments, including Thermage CPT with the Total Tip and Ultherapy ultrasound treatment. Skin Perfect specializes in skin rejuvenation and can treat a wide variety of skin conditions, including wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots and sun damage. They also offer a range of other skincare treatments, including Silk Peel Microdermabrasions and Spectra Laser Peels.
Dr. Sommer Rogers

Sommer Rogers is a board-certified physician and founder of Skin Perfect Medical Spa, a medical aesthetics clinic that uses results-driven skincare products to help you reveal your best self. Her passion for helping patients transform their appearance is rooted in her belief that each patient should understand the science behind their unique skin and the role that environmental factors, genetics, and lifestyle play in their aging process.

The enthusiasm with which the Memorial Lectures were received by members of the medical profession and the uniformly high attendance at them was an indication of their general acceptance. No greater tribute could be paid to the soundness of Ernst Sommer’s altruistic vision than this enthusiastic response and the interest manifested in his work by so many eminent men of medicine both within and without Oregon.

With a forceful personality and boundless energy Ernst Sommer devoted his life to the cause of human betterment. It was only natural that he would extend his efforts to the advancement of medical knowledge by donating his fine library and giving thoughtful thought to the plan which was to ripen into the Sommer Memorial Lectures.

He placed a high value upon the development of his medical proficiency, and the action of his mother in permitting him to leave with Hermine for some years to obtain a broad range of practical experience was a typical expression of her deep appreciation for the value of education.

With wisdom and forethought that was borne out in later years, Dr. Sommer vested broad discretion in his Trustee and the Advisory Committee so that his paramount objective might be carried out in the face of changing conditions. He also expressly reserved the privilege of printing lectures or excerpts therefrom if such publication should be considered desirable or practicable.

Seven committee chairmen have served since the establishment of the Memorial Lectures. The first was Dr. Thomas M. Joyce, a colleague and personal friend of Mr. Sommer and a distinguished surgeon in private practice. On his death in 1947, the office was assumed by Dr. Frank R. Menne, pathologist at St. Vincent Hospital and a member of the committee from its inception. When he retired in 1958, Dr. Eugene W. Rockey succeeded him as Chairman of the Committee.

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